Published November 15, 2021

6,000+ Leaders Across Brazil Attend the GLS in 2021

When the Global Leadership Network set out to bring The Global Leadership Summit event around the world back in 2005, we never imagined the reach it would have. Starting in just a few countries and languages, the 2021 season of The Global Leadership Summit is now being translated into 55+ languages and taken to 110+ countries through the spring of 2022.

The impact is evident in the stories and testimonies we hear every day.

Leadership changes everything. Transformed people transforming others, using their influence and leadership for good, is the way we’re going to see change ripple out across the world—starting in our homes, then in our churches, businesses, governments, schools, hospitals, prisons, communities and our countries.

Here is just a glimpse of the impact we’ve seen from those who attended at one of the 40+ Global Leadership Summit events that took place across Brazil in 2021:

“God called me when I was still a teenager to use my life in the most unlikely area: communication and arts, and as a leader. But because of my very shy temperament, this was a very distant thing, and almost utopian. However, God calls and also empowers. More than 30 years after this call, I am an art director and have always worked, both in my professional life and in the ministry, in the area of communication and arts. God did deliver what He had promised, but a disappointment took me completely away from this calling, until the Summit arrived. The lectures seemed to tell the story of my life and how I felt so frustrated and too old to pick up where I left off. Suddenly, I started to understand how much God can still use me, even the frustrations, defeats, fears, but also the good things, and especially the fire that still burned inside me. It was the fuel I needed to complete what the Lord had started in me decades ago. After all, I could still influence people! And when my “mountain” asked me what I was really made of, I replied with the flame that still burned inside me. I owe it to Summit and specially to Bear Grylls!” – GLS Attendee, Brazil

There is no way to participate and not reflect on a better way to lead.

“I have a lot of plans and I love the idea of having my own business. The Summit inspired me with the openness of thought provided by the speakers. I am impressed that the solution to achieve a dream depends on a simple decision or change of habit. I used to think my dreams would take a large investment or a virtually unheard-of tool. Learning from the speakers made me more passionate about our heavenly Father watching over our dreams, willing to bless us.” – GLS Attendee, Brazil

“I am a mother and wife, working at home and as an artisan in order to increase our family income. Before the Summit, I felt discouraged, and I had no goals. But I realized that I am a leader wherever I am, even in the condominium where I live, among the neighbors, the mothers I am acquainted with, at the school front door where my children study, wherever I am, I will be a Christ influencer!” – GLS Attendee, Brazil

“I realized through the Summit that we are the Church in everything we do: at the gym, at school and in many different places!” – GLS Attendee, Brazil

“This was a needed event for all leaders. Valuable tools, practical examples, contagious stories; there is no way to participate and not reflect on a better way to lead. That was Summit 2021 for me.” – Paulo Frutuoso, GLS Attendee, Brazil


The generous Global Leadership Network community makes it possible for events like The Global Leadership Summit to be translated into 55+ languages, including Portuguese so that it can be brought to leaders across Brazil. You can help expand the movement of The Global Leadership Summit around the world with your donation at

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